​​​​About Us

We are a team of highly skilled professionals brought together by the desire to serve and help users make the right product choices. Therefore, we test, retest, analyze, and compare kitchen products then provide users with accurate, detailed information to help them acquire the best possible products given their unique needs. We are proud to help people acquire the best kitchen appliances, cookware, and bakeware, among many other kitchen related stuff.

We are devoted to building dependable product resources on the internet to enlighten you on the various types of kitchen appliances, cookware, and cookware accessories through honest reviews and guidelines. You can count on our staff to help you allocate the exact kitchen gear you need to upgrade your kitchen. No matter your taste or budget, we have solid recommendations for you in every category.


we like to make our readers feel loved and cared for, and our culture and approaches are designed to reflect that. That way, we welcome the users' suggestions and questions and listen to them however we can. We have a well-established customer care that works hard to make sure that the customers' needs are put into consideration in our day-to-day running of the website and its operations.

In a world where there is excessive variety within every product set, choosing the right product has become difficult. We are dedicated to take the stress off your back and make the load so much easier by helping you skip the dilemma. As you will find out by the end of this article, we are strongly supporting a course that every customer in their rightful mind would support just as well. 

Our Culture

We intend to serve and do it truthfully. Our website is where all our hard work, accuracy, transparency, and boundless love and care for our customers are relayed. We believe in doing it the hard way, taking long cuts, going the distance, and taking all the time needed to reach the most accurate conclusion.

We test products in several different ways, always choosing the right methods for each product to pursue truthful information on every product. That is because we believe that if you want to do something, you either do it best or never do it all.

We incorporate technology and advancement in our operations and activities to improve whatever we do.  We also believe in being flexible to the changing and ever dynamic world. Through such flexibility, we have continued to be reliable and efficient to our customers and clients throughout. Similarly, we have continued to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers. The benefits of changing with time have been phenomenal and far-reaching.

Why You Should Trust Us

There are lots of similar websites out there covering similar products, but they mainly cover basic stuff. Cliché is the right word to describe what they offer. We have gone a greater length to provide much more than just the basics, partly because we recognize the wide-ranging and fast-changing nature of needs. Hence, we maintain a high degree of flexibility, always paying attention to the market and studying its progression to help us understand the users' needs spot-on.

We work closely with customers, giving them the recognition they deserve by not only recognizing that they are always right but also making them a vital part of us. But how exactly? Since users have more practical experience with the products we present or feature on our website, we have created a platform that incorporates their reviews too. That way, various users can learn and hear from each other and decide based on our test-based information and form more practical usage by users like them.

Diversity and Inclusion

We believe that the kitchen is much more than just a place to prepare meals. Dreams have been built in the kitchen; lives have been saved there too. That is why it should be given way more attention than it is often given. And for that, we always strive to serve everyone's primary need that drives them to go shopping for the best kitchen gear.

On our part, we ensure that you get more than you bargain for whenever it is necessary and if possible. This means that you are highly likely to end up finding something better that you may have opted for, without luring or putting pressure on you to buy what you do not need or want.

We cover a large range of kitchen gear from the most reputable brands and new market entrants. Our coverage is diverse, providing you with a 'one-stop-shop' of reviews and guidelines for whatever kitchen gear you can think of. We want to convenient and dependable to users across specialties and tastes. No matter how thin or large your budget, we have considered you in our inclusivity. We cover the oldest models and brands in the industry just as well as the new ones as soon as they hit the market.

Meet Our Team

Meet Our Team

We have a team that has come together to put their passions to work. We strive to provoke your curiosities and carefully manufacture the reviews that guide you into making your everyday purchase. Below are the team members to help you know better the professionals behind our website and its operation.

David Sparks
Thomas Cummins

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you test products at a fee?

A: Absolutely not. We never charge any fee for testing products. We do it for free and therefore encourage you to seek help from us whenever you need us to test a product for you. However, we make money through other means other than taking it from you. You can contact us if you have a brand that you want tested, and we will do it for you without any charges.

Q: How do you earn so much trust from the customers?

A: We always make sure that we earn that trust, and we do our best to achieve that goal. Well, we take into recognition the need to fight for your trust. That is how we can make money without compromising on the need, to be honest with our customers. Besides, we stick to our principles and let the best products rise to the top. It is out of such honesty, transparency, and the intention to do good that becomes apparent to our customers in one way or another, and they start to feel at home on our website.

Q: How do you make money?

A: We make money through the advertising that you normally see on our site. Those who advertise on our site pay us for the service. Similarly, there are these links to retailers on our site. If you click on them, we may earn a commission paid by the respective retailers. The amount we earn from each company that advertises on our site or commission paid by the retailers may vary according to various factors. The commission is not always guaranteed, but we maintain fair dealings and stick to our principles all the way through.

Q: Which criteria do you use to choose a product to recommend?

A: Our recommendations are based largely on our editorial team's research. Therefore, they are independent of business decisions. Every work put towards the recommendations is geared towards perfection, with the desire to give our customers the best. We want you to be satisfied and to love what we recommend. It would be our pleasure to see you come back over and over again for more advice just because we give you what never misleads you.  That is how we have taken care of you and created a solid customer base over the years.

Q: What are your product reviews based on?

A: We review products based on several factors. But it is worth noting that the reviews are independent and based on thorough product testing and research. We never benefit financially from our recommendations, but rather from being honest to our customers, who then keep trusting us for it. We have a team that takes its time to exhaust every available source and compare various reviews both by professionals like us and by users across various reputable sites to develop a clearer review. They condense it into relevant reviews and combine it with the testing results to give you the end or final review. 

Q: Do you show how you arrive at recommendations?

A: Yes, we have to. We find it very necessary, to be honest and transparent to our customers. Since we take into recognition the fact that not everyone will agree with our recommendations, it is important that we let everyone know how we arrived at the recommendations. And the good news is that this is exactly what we do. Therefore, you will always know how we arrived at every information we provide. This criterion has benefitted us a great deal over the years, giving our customers the reason to trust us and to believe in us for the work that we do for them.

Q: How do you test the products exactly?

A: There are many ways to test products, but we focus mainly on recognized and standardized worldwide. We take the long old-school approach to test products. It involves tough, objective, hands-on testing. We prefer this approach because it provides the best way to measure product quality in detail.  You can never go wrong with this method if you use it properly. We trust it because it has always delivered accurate results for us for years. However, we are flexible and continue to incorporate innovative methods into our testing, and the results are phenomenal.